Tools For You

Tools for you allow you to explore the category you require assistance in.

At some point, you may require assistance with a particular component of composing your book. Whether it is writing and using tech tools for writers to show you where you can improve your writing. Editing assistance using Grammarly. It finds and corrects up to 10 times more mistakes than your word processor.

Design tools, such as interior templates, cover layout, premade covers, etc. When it comes time to publish, learn about IngramSpark and print-on-demand and how it works for you and your needs.

Finally, the all important promotion of your book, there are sites such as Bookarma: which is a highly social pay-it-forward platform that allows you to break through the boundaries of your own social network to reach new readers.

There are hundreds of online self publishing tools available. What we have done is gathered the best of the best from the internet and put them into one platform for each of the stages of producing a book. There are a lot of free tools on the pages under each of the categories to help you diligently work through each of the book production processes.

Work through the pages to find the best available online tool for you.